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My Chemical Friends (has the romance ended?)

Posted on | March 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

Angel Corporations,

Howdy doody! How y’all enjoying this last blast of winter in March? I’m kinda loving it!!

Angels, a couple of you were concerned about the photograph I posted in the last blog, titled ‘The Sword of Pixocles’ in which it looks like I’m preparing to stab my cat. I assure you—I was about to do an elaborate pose with the sword, when the cat walked into the shot & we created this mythical image together. So calm down already!!!

Also, some of you took all kinds of offense when, a couple of blogs ago, I made the statement, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful on the outside & ugly on the inside…” or some such satirical nonsense. But DON’T HATE!!! I know I’m beautiful on the inside too, and as I said–it was satire, sarcasm, and poetic licensure, which I carry in my wallet at all times.

Okay? We skraight?

NOW, the answer to last week’s PSYCHIC CHALLENGE is:

B) Frank (from My Chemical Romance)

What a great stream-of-conscious-Vogon-Centipeepable writer he is!!!

Break-in at the Orange Blossom Security Office

Break-in at the Orange Blossom Security Office

But speaking of My Chemical Romance—they broke up this week. Which is OKAY, I guess…They came. They conquered. They saved lives. Including mine…

When I was doing my Crazy Zebra stories, I wrote a lovely blog re: my obsession with My Chemical Romance. But that was one of those blogs that didn’t post properly on OurSpace, and no one ever had the privilege of reading it.

But I’ll tell you what: When I was a 36-yr-old drunk housewife, floundering for direction in life, I found a little direction (& a lot of fun) in this strange obsession w/ Gerard & his band.

Now Gerard is 36, a husband, a dad, a first-time TV director, an established musician/performer/artist. Which is way ahead of where I was at 36, so I am very happy for him & the rest of the band non-members. I hope they are all successful in the next centipede-leg of their journey…their separate journeys…

But I’ll never forget my initial reaction when I watched the ‘Helena’ video debut on MTV: pure contempt!
“…oh, jeez, look at these goth-wannabe poseurs. Don’t they know that is OLD NEWS??”

And I defiantly disregarded the video any time it came on : )))

(Don’t ask why I was watching MTV. For some reason, it was the only noise I could tolerate in 2005)

But early one morning, as I lay in my bed disregarding the ‘Helena’ video for the umpteenth time, I realized…

“I like this song!!”

And I rolled over and watched the whole video for the first time. And it was awesome! The ballerina’s choreography. Gerard’s “choreography.”

So I got up & googled all about MCR & found out Gerard was an artist & looked at some of his artwork & an obsession was born!! Just like that!

Fucking MTV, man! Tentacles! We are the media! Thank gods for the media!

But, yeah, Gerard (the Gothic Meatloaf) inspired me to examine my drunken, directionless ways.

They became more drunken,
yet more directional
for awhile

But then
Just drunken again
And then, finally, maybe
The nothingness
I craved
All along….

We had fun on the
Tour Bus
Which included lots of drinking
And lots of direction

That kind of life is
Hard to sustain for long
Only try it at home.

The ‘Life On The Murder Scene’ tour diary was very transcendent for me–Gerard is not just a cute apocalyptic band leader, he is a KINDRED SPIRIT.

He’s nervous, Tourettesy,
And has struggled with being a ‘self.’
And has been very open about that.
And that will always be OKAY w/ me!!


J, T & W find themselves at another breeder party, and realize they really are the last 3 unmarried, childless lez's in Singlewood...

J, T & W find themselves at another breeder party, and realize they really are the last 3 unmarried, childless lez’s in Singlewood…

Enjoy the Singlewood panels. Can you believe that I’ve been sketching these silly panels for over a year & we are still in Act One?? Still just creeping into the story. I’m such a slow worker, but…

…after this round of panels the story needs a serious rewrite. So it may be awhile before there are anymore Singlewood scenes here in the Centipeep Show. So…really, really fucking enjoy these ones, okay??


One Response to “My Chemical Friends (has the romance ended?)”

  1. tony egler
    March 29th, 2013 @ 8:09 am

    So sad my Chemical Precious is no more. We had fun on the tour bus. It was the spiritual vehicle of choice and it got us through some tough times. Did you know apologies are another kind of hate? Don’t be a hater! I love your Singlewood panels and want to see them in a big flip book, or screen saver. Good by MCR, we love you Mikei!


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