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Posted on | October 28, 2013 | 1 Comment


Whoa!!! Where have I been??

Just avoiding you like the plague, that’s all. I’ve just been processing all the mysterious information I’ve received in my life through art, through music & through poetry. God Damn!

In other words, I have been as busy as a pre-schooler!

The good news is, I’ve been having art adventures & I’m sharing them w/ you! I will have more art adventures too, I can feel it.

I’ve been working hard on writing. And rewriting. And submitting. It’s really uninteresting to write about writing….sadly enough.

I’ve been practicing my Zen Master skills a lot. Which means I have been sitting still a lot. Literally. It’s really, really uninteresting to write about that!!

Tripping On Electric Ice, an art adventure Oct 14, 2013

Tripping On Electric Ice, an art adventure Oct 14, 2013

But! Here I am, about to begin my THIRD year as your Blog Emperor! And I want to be the best possible Blog Emperror I can be. That means I will continue to share art & automatic Vogonistic poems w/ you. I will continue to discuss, calmly & rationally, all the serious topics that make us uncalm & irrational.

But, my promise as we approach a new year & another slutty Halloween: No more gender politic rants…I mean, how dumb of me to engage in the battle that I am battling against? Very dumb. And I’m usually siding w/ the men…or hating them for being better than me just for being born w/ a deformed chromosome…

After reading the book about the Warrior Princess, I know that being either gender can be a nightmare–it’s all a matter of how it’s presented to you when you are a wee sponge in programming mode.

And TRUST the FUCK out of ME, I am as sick of women like Kim Kardashian as I am sick of men like the ones who run our country.

[actually as vacuous as she is, I think Kim could run this country better than the guys & gals who are doing it now. Think of it! If NOTHING else, she is a fantastic business woman. Why, I'll bet she would promise every citizen a boutique storefront & a diamond ring if we would put her in power! She would resurrect Main Street USA w/ her own very chic brand of greed. Fuck Ayn Rand--she didn't know how to sell selfishness. Kim knows!]

ANYWAY—I will still discuss gender issues. But I won’t rant. I will discuss. And it will be better for everyone because OMG, did I tell you all?????

My Buddhist practices are helping me with my severe anger management issues just in time for the menopause!

Yay! Yay!


Yea…I’m trudging through something resembling menopause…the surprise bleeding attacks are the best/worst!!! But then there are months when I don’t have any blood@all.com YAY!! I love those months.

Luckily, menopause issues are the only health issues I have going on lately. No pancreatic exorcisms, or broken undersided toes, or emotional icebergs thawing…

Tripping On Electric Ice pt 2

Tripping On Electric Ice pt 2

Just life, man. Fricking fracking LIFE.


One Response to “Daft Punkin’”

  1. tony Egler
    October 28th, 2013 @ 7:20 pm

    Liebe Punkin! You inspire me with your hard work and cool art, poems, music thing’es! You make our home a Zen Garden of Creativity.

    “Kim Kardashian: Fuck Ayn Rand–she didn’t know how to sell selfishness. Kim knows!” – JF

    I think we need to do a treatment!

    Love the Art – You know that. You are Zen. It great to be.

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