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Posted on | November 29, 2013 | 1 Comment


Aloha, heehaw & how-do-you-do? Was everyone very THANKFUL yesterday?? I was. We were. I hope you all was too!

I came here to spend Black Friday with y’all instead of trying to buy more stuff to be thankful for, for less money than it used to be, but still more than it’s worth…I much prefer your company. You’re such good listeners…

So, listen!!

Here we are at the end of 2013 & it has been a terrific year!

I haven’t been able to say that about a year since…mmmm…2008. A long-ass damn time. It has been a string of difficult years for your Centiperson, and finally we had a good one.

And it’s so odd, because years ending in ’3′ or ’8′ were always terrible in the old numerology. Now they are great. Apparently it’s the ’0′s & ’1′s that suck now : 0

Anyway…this has just been a great year of healing, recovering, forgiving and growing. And more than last year even, it feels like a year of closure, completion.

Which means 2014 will be nice & fresh & scary…I’ve been working on my STRENGTH, as I was advised to do this year, and I feel STRONG.


But, in this glorious year:

I went to a ninja gig!

I read Gravity’s Rainbow (after toting it around for 20 years)

I had resurrected alters (though no new ones–I was hoping for new ones) I learned alot from them

I have made contact with other transgender/gender dysphoric people & will try to do more

I have inspired the Moonchild to write, write, write (and he has been!)

I gathered & organized & compiled & rewrote almost all of my boxes of poems from all eras of my life & turned them into little books to be sent out to publishers (this is what I was meant to do, but never could I have done it before recovering from my mystery)

I found out I was a Zen Master (don’t be jealous)

I started playing music again, got a new acoustic guitar, remembered all the songs I had forgotten & even wrote some new ones

Learned Garageband…(ughhh…after years & years of resisting this awful chore…)

Stayed strong & healthy & just had a damn good time!!


Now I beg of the Universe & its Angels–please don’t be sarcastic with 2014. In the old numerology, ’4′ years were kind of boring & depressing. They were ‘down time.’ What are they now? And how many more do I have?

I guess my “resolution” or theme for 2014 will be — GO FOR IT. Losing the anger, losing the fear…using what I’ve learned from this world & its sunset punchlines.


One Response to “Attn: WHORES”

  1. tony Egler
    November 29th, 2013 @ 11:18 am

    I like your Philosophy! 2014 will be our comeback year. We are living in the now as others live a future-past, over and over. It is time to wait and see now and “Hold On!”

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