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Old Fritz Lang

Posted on | December 31, 2013 | 1 Comment


Happy Old Year, Asses. I can’t say it enough–I am so glad 2013 was a fabulous year after such a streak of weird stressful years. I hope it was good for you too.The Moon & I have been living in a state of advanced apocalyptic hedonism for the past week & 1/2, so I hope this blog comes out okay…

I know you think I hate you. I know I call you “asses” and “Humanitor” and talk about how much I hate all the stuff I don’t understand about you.

But I want you to know that you are all mythical creatures to me. I am still mystified beyond control by your Humanitorianisms. You are all like unicorns. Dragons. Ogres. Tarantulas. Shape-shifters. I am stumped. I am frightened. But I don’t really hate you. And I wish you a Happy New Year!

So…of all the THINGS-I-WOULD-LIKE-TO-BE-ABLE-TO-DO-IN-THIS-WORLD, I’ve chosen Watercolors as my next challenge in life. There are many things I would like to be able to do…I’ve tried sewing, embroidering, all kinds of dance, other art techniques, and music recording…

…all of which take the love & dedication I just did not have for any NEW thing. I had chosen to dedicate my life to music, art & writing, and as much as I would love to sew the beautiful clothes I see in my head–I am not up for learning that machine, and those patterns & all that fabric engineering. Same with music recording–I want to do it, I need to do it. But I can’t do it. It pains me to do it. Why??

Who the fuck knows. It just isn’t what I’m about. My mind does not cooperate with the technology.

But Watercolors fit into the Art category. They present a challenge–to me Watercolors are the ultimate right brain activity! The art I do is very linear, very expressionistic, heavily outlined, angular. That is my natural style, and I like it…but…

…I feel like it’s time to step out of that rectangular shipping container. I feel like Watercolors are a good thing for a 45 yr old to learn. I am more in love with impressionistic images than ever.

So, Asses, wish me luck! And I certainly wish you luck in whatever you are pursuing in the new year.

I won’t comment on the State of the World…I’ve been distancing myself from news & politics & the depression they cause. None of it means anything to me in my personal daily life, and until it does, I’m just going to ignore it.

That sounds healthy, right! You lie to yourself, I’ll lie to you too. Denial v. Storytelling: The Ultimate Showdown in the Truth Apocalypse!!

And, Asses…I will leave you with this tremendously Vogon Poem, found today in my 2013 paper diary:


Women are the new assholes
Men are the new dummies
Gay is the new lame
The game says rules have changed
20 years ago I wouldn’t believe
The female suicide bomber who
Told me

About all the tinyscary devices
The beginnings of a robot takeover
The American dream no longer wet,
A dry red divorce
And nevermind the shock-n-awe
That got you here

To future you
You wouldn’t believe
You still look like an asshole
You wouldn’t believe the grey cat
On your bed
Who comes in the early morning

To make sure your dreams
Are just right
You wouldn’t believe the
Transgender soldier if she told you
People are shooting up
Babies these days
A line has been crossed

A collective hair-trigger
A domino retort
A cremation wound
You wouldn’t believe 20 years ago
You were so busy

You never saw how
Things unfolded in Waco
No, you had to watch it
On a ‘Worst Crimes in History’ documentary
In 2013.
Did they really just stand there &
Watch it burn?


Contemplate this image for today...How...how...is my butt so Superkardashian-sized??

Contemplate this image for today…How…how…is my butt so Superkardashian-sized??

Okay, asses…I’ll see you next year if we all survive the chronogenic birth canal tonight. I hope to have watercolors to share w/ you soon. So far, nothing remotely shareable though : 0


One Response to “Old Fritz Lang”

  1. tony Egler
    December 31st, 2013 @ 1:21 pm

    I love the picture and the poem. Both are gorgeous. The poem is very timely and pointed. I think you should ripen it!

    As to the sentiment of the post I applaud your open “group hug” but look forward to the coming years insights and out-takes on Humanitor the Centipeep will pen (or type)

    To a Fab Year for All!

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