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April’s Vogon Offerings

Posted on | May 1, 2014 | 2 Comments

Hello Asses,

How are you donkeys doing? Listen, I have a lot to tell ya’ll when I get the time. That won’t be for a little while. I have lots of submissions before 5/8 and then I have to write an ‘Adventure in Reality’ for you.

THEN I might be able to elaborate on the great cosmic shift that has occurred, as if overnight. Then I may be able to describe how happy I am right now, and tell you that I’ve been waiting 4 years for this moment! For these moments I keep living one after another….

…please don’t stop, little moments of happiness.

Right now all I have for you is April’s Vogon offerings. Please try to appreciate them*****


To the rails of your feet
Grow roots between
knees & street
Between tibia and femur
Brush cobwebs from
Between thoracic vertebrae
Spaces scrunched
Together with no room
For interstitial radiance

This has been my
Body’s journey for
Ten years
To scrape the cobwebs
from negative spaces
To undo the twists
Of deformed neural
Wrought by gross mishandling

I undo the damage
That occurred in shipping
Misappropriation of karmic
My neural paths compete
for gold and silver
And much more
Dangerous elements

Now my body
Knows it’s time
To degenerate
To undo all the
Hard work I’ve done
To face the mirror
Under crushing
Fluorescent blows

I’m a big boulder
Rolling down a giant
From a leaky
Outer canthus
Imitating art
Imitating life

I looked up last year
And saw this boulder
Perched upon
My mortal apex
And I said
I better be ready for that.



Box Of Voices

Now write something fun
Before the self-narrating
Zoo exhibit closes down

[The SNZE is what we all should be]

Once we tell all our stories
Shed our veneers
Narrate our terrain
When all the world buzzes
For an allotment of centuries

We grow silent

We evolve past small talk
To midsize pauses
& finally to epic poetic
Proportions of reticence
We take the autistic majesty
That is the tell-tale link

We make it our own platform
For diving into
The deep end of ‘The Universe’

Eyeball swan-dive
Auditory eye contact
Who is your cold-blooded touchstone?

Your reptilian ancestors,
keeping your black box safe
while you narrate…


Aw, remember these fun characters? The Jazz Caterpillar & the Off-centerpede?

Aw, remember these fun characters? The Jazz Caterpillar & the Off-centerpede?



This is my first poem
About You,
the new You

My page of cups
running over
my center line

This You is the
Long-lost family
Returning from the
Tampa slums
Where I abandoned You
to get on a ride

Whose operator decided
To take 2 decades off
and leave me hanging

The sudden yang descent
To yin’s most savage depths
I’ve done it too many times

I don’t want to do it w/out You

Together we’ll come
Into the night
Like shooting stars
gentle arcs of light
Rising from a horizon
That’s not quite placed right

Yet no one notices for years

The fully aroused sky
At a sharper angle tonight
A kaleidoscope trick inside
A telescoping birth canal
Shooting blanks


There you go!!! Exciting poems for you, Asses. Hee-haw!!! See you soon w/ the premiere of

*************GAME OF MOWERS*****************************


2 Responses to “April’s Vogon Offerings”

  1. tony egler
    May 2nd, 2014 @ 7:38 am

    Always love the fresh Vogon Poems! they’re like a trip to “the self-narrating Zoo exhibit closes down” – Lov’s it

  2. Juliet
    May 2nd, 2014 @ 1:05 pm

    I ought to add that “Self-narrating Zoo Exhibit” is a term coined by one of my favorite bloggers who writes about autism.

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